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Somogyi Award

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Did you know that the discoverer of “Somogyi phenomenon”, Michael Somogyi was Hungarian?

“High glycosuric tides tended
to follow days when the sugar
in one or two urine fractions
was close to zero.”

Michael Somogyi (Somogyi Mihály)

In 1938, Somogyi first presented his “Observation on Unmanageable Patients” at a meeting of the St. Louis Medical Society and then published it in the Weekly Bulletin of the Society. But the “Somogyi effect or phenomenon” became a widespread concept after its first publication in an international journal in 1959. (Somogyi M: Exacerbation of diabetes by excess insulin action. Am J Med 26:169-191, 1959)

In his memory, the Hungarian Diabetes Association has established the “Somogyi Award” in 2004 to honour the person who significantly contributed to the better understanding of hypoglycaemia and its counter-regulatory mechanisms. The “Somogyi Award” is given biannually.

The Hungarian Diabetes Association announces the Somogyi Award 2010 to be given on the Scientific Meeting of the Hungarian Diabetes Association in 2010. The Hungarian Diabetes Association will accept applications for the 2010 Somogyi Award.

The aim of the Somogyi Award is to recognise internationally the scientific achievement of a person who significantly contributed - either experimentally or clinically - to the better understanding of hypoglycaemia and counterregulatory mechanisms, performed investigations in order to prevent or to decrease the risk of hypoglycaemia in diabetic patients.

The winners of the “Somogyi Award”