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Magyar Diabetes Társaság

hungarian diabetes association

diabet partneri hirek


The 38th Annual Meeting of the EASD was held in Budapest in 2002. Nearly 11.000 registered participants from 109 countries of the world took part in the Congress. Besides the Europeans we had participants coming from overseas and far countries (e.g. Australia, China, Japan, Korea, South Africa and USA etc.). The programme contained 258 lectures and 992 posters and in addition “State of the Art” lectures and presentations of the EASD prize winners. The 62 exhibiting companies had 4500 m2 of space to receive visitors.

It was the second EASD Meeting organized in Budapest. The first one was held in 1982 with about 1000 participants. It is hoped that not only the number of the participants but that the quality of the second Meeting increased as well

Main research topics in diabetes in Hungary

Diabetes in children and adolescents:

Cardiovascular complications in diabetes

  • National Institute of Cardiology
  • Siófok City Hospital

Classification of diabetes, genetics of LADA

  • Semmelweis University Budapest

Cytokines in diabetes

  • Károlyi S. Hospital, Budapest
  • Semmelweis University Budapest
  • St. John’s Hospital, Budapest

Insulin resistance

  • Biorex Research and Development, Veszprém

Lipid abnormalities in diabetes

  • Semmelweis University Budapest
  • University of Debrecen

Metabolic syndrome

  • Bajcsy-Zsilinkszky Hospital, Budapest
  • Korányi S. Hospital, Budapest
  • Petz A. Hospital, Győr


  • University of Pécs
  • St. Stephen’s Hospital, Budapest


  • Semmelweis University Budapest
  • University of Szeged

Oxidative stress in diabetes

  • Semmelweis University Budapest
  • University of Pécs

Pregnancy with diabetes

  • National Medical Centre
  • Semmelweis University Budapest
  • St. Emeric’s Hospital, Budapest

Transplantation and diabetes

  • Semmelweis University Budapest
  • University os Pécs
  • University of Szeged