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Magyar Diabetes Társaság

hungarian diabetes association

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    Az EASD elnökének levele
    2020.04.09.MDT Web-szerkesztőségHírkategória: COVID-19

    Az Európai Diabetes Társaság elnöke, Stefano Del Prato professzor úr levelében javasolja, hogy minél többen látogassák az EASD új, COVID 19 járvánnyal kapcsolatos információs oldalát. https://easd-elearning.org/covid-19/ Elnök úr tájékoztat arról is, hogy a Bécsben szeptember 21-25 között  tervezett EASD kongresszus előkészítése teljes erővel folyik, valamint a közeljövőben megjelenő Diabetologia hasábjain sorozatban publikálnak a vírusfertőzéssel kapcsolatos tanulmányokat.

    A teljes levél itt olvasható:

    Dear EASD members, dear colleagues, dear friends,

    It was my initial intention to send you a message at the start of my Presidency to thank you for all your trust and to illustrate the many initiatives the European Association for the Study of Diabetes was planning for the next two years. What was initially a feverish discussion within the Executive Board assisted by the tireless support of Dr Monika Gruesser and the EASD staff about our Annual Congresses, the 20th Anniversary of the European Foundation for the Study of Diabetes, the expectations for the newly started European Diabetes Forum, the planning for the celebration of the 100th year from the seminal discovery of insulin, the potentiation of the activity of our Study Groups and much more has been suddenly slowed down by the tremendous hit of the COVID-19 epidemic.

    This has forced us to revise our agenda, but we have done that with the same enthusiasm and professionalism as ever. We are keeping a close eye on what is happening around us and priority remains everybody’s safety and health. Because of that, Postgraduate Education Courses that were planned to be held in the next couple of months have been postponed. Our Honorary Secretary, Prof Mikael Rydén and the Programme Committee have continued working hard in the preparation of our Annual Meeting that will be held in Vienna on 21-25 September. Deadline for abstract submission has just come up and about 1500 abstracts have been received. I’m sure some of these contributions already deal with the current COVID-19 epidemic and special sessions will be planned in the Final Programme of the Meeting. In the meantime, Prof Chantal Mathieu, who is in charge of our educational activities, together with the EASD staff has released new e-Learning modules. I really invite you to follow the COVID-19 dedicated series (https://easd-elearning.org/covid-19/) with new modules added in strict sequence. Experts, colleagues are there to discuss issues that may arise for people with diabetes because of the COVID-19 infection. Prof Sally Marshall, the Editor-in-Chief of Diabetologia is evaluating contributions to be published about COVID-19 and diabetes and I would expect a series of articles to be submitted in the very near future.

    In other words, we are doing our best to assist the European diabetes community at this challenging time, providing updated information and practical recommendations in order to continue delivering optimal diabetes care. We are indeed aware that people with diabetes as well as with other chronic diseases require continuous care in spite of difficulties to access diabetes outpatients’ clinics. We are also aware of the greater risk individuals with diabetes may be exposed to in the case of COVID-19 infection and we are firmly convinced that a common effort is the best way to face such an unprecedented challenge.

    I would like to thank the active and passionate support of all the members of the Executive Board and the dedication of all members of the EASD staff in Duesseldorf. They are gathering information, processing data, following the development of the situation while caring about the regular business of our Association. But, above all, I would like to thank all diabetes health care providers for their relentless support to the person with diabetes and because I know that many of them, many of you, are dealing in person with people with and without diabetes who are fighting their personal battle against the virus. To all of them, to all of you my best personal big


    Thank You 

    Prof Stefano Del Prato
    European Association for the Study of Diabetes